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Don’t Be a Chump

Craig Frazier & Simone Silverstein | 36 pages |  MouseType Press (self-published) | ebook

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Don’t Be a Chump looks at our current times in this country and the threat of one of our Presidential candidate’s hateful rhetoric. Bullying, lying and disparaging others is the behavior of a chump and is unacceptable, under any circumstances, for any age. However bad, this is a teachable moment for kids and parents. Though loosely fashioned around our election, the message of this book will live on long after.

Disgruntled animals line up to get on the bus, each starting their day with frets and complaints. They come on to the lone Giraffe who bullies his way onto the full bus with his braggadocios remarks and the claim that he can “make this bus great again.” When the bus stalls and all mayhem breaks out, bus driver Mallory calms the passengers and lets them know they are starting to behave like the Giraffe (chump). She encourages their team participation in solving the problem. Together—with Giraffe—they push the bus over the hill. The animals refuse to be bullied and learn that no one is alone and cooperation and collaboration triumphs over anger and bullying.

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