The Illustrated Voice

Graphis 2003

The Illustrated Voice is a 176-page monograph describing my process as an illustrator for editorial and corporate clients. Having run my own design firm for 20 years previous to making the switch, I come to illustration with a particularly unique point of view—a broad understanding of how designers and clients use illustration. The book hammers home the need for meaningful ideas that communicate—and attempts to inspire the illustrator to create relevant work that is uniquely theirs. It is chock full of my sketches, even bad ones and tons of finished illustrations—360 in total. Introduction by Ivan Chermayeff.

“This book is both elegant and instructive and I’m sure will be enormously useful to both professionals and students. The intelligence behind his illustrations and their execution is exemplary.”

—Milton Glaser

“To get provocative and meaningful end results requires a grasp of the essential ingredients, knowledge about what they are and the intelligence to exploit them. Scale, surprise, observation, and subtle shifts give Craig Frazier’s illustrations more meaning than they seem to be have at first glance.

He knows what he’s doing. The continuous outpouring of excellence is never an accident. On the contrary, Craig Frazier’s hard work and intelligence is omnipresent.”

–Ivan Chermayeff

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