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The Man Who Lost His Head

Written by Claire Huchet Bishop | Illustrated by Robert McCloskey |New York Review Children’s Collection | Originally Viking Children’s Books 1942

If you wake up disoriented and out of sort—you may have lost your head. This gorgeous reissue of a 1942 jewel is the perfect remedy for your ailment. In about 64 pages the parable unfolds about a dude that awakes without his head and his rigorous pursuit of his cranium. The legendary illustrator Robert McCloskey—of Blueberries for Sal and Make Way for Ducklings fame—puts ink to paper in a way that upstages many a kid’s book made today. The book is all black and white (except the cover and endsheets), and will make any kid want to learn to draw and any illustrator want to learn to draw better. It’s a crazy story that makes as much sense—or nonsense—as it did in 1942. Such an idea probably couldn’t get a publishing deal today—but we lucky this one got reissued.

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