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Don’t Be a Chump

Craig Frazier & Simone Silverstein | 36 pages |  MouseType Press (self-published) | ebook

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Don’t Be a Chump looks at our current times in this country and the threat of one of our Presidential candidate’s hateful rhetoric. Bullying, lying and disparaging others is the behavior of a chump and is unacceptable, under any circumstances, for any age. However bad, this is a teachable moment for kids and parents. Though loosely fashioned around our election, the message of this book will live on long after.

Disgruntled animals line up to get on the bus, each starting their day with frets and complaints. They come on to the lone Giraffe who bullies his way onto the full bus with his braggadocios remarks and the claim that he can “make this bus great again.” When the bus stalls and all mayhem breaks out, bus driver Mallory calms the passengers and lets them know they are starting to behave like the Giraffe (chump). She encourages their team participation in solving the problem. Together—with Giraffe—they push the bus over the hill. The animals refuse to be bullied and learn that no one is alone and cooperation and collaboration triumphs over anger and bullying.

This book is available as an ebook for download at Amazon.

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Tyler Makes A Birthday Cake!

Written by Tyler Florence | Illustrated by Craig Frazier | Harper Collins 2014

Tyler almost blows it and forgets Tofu’s birthday. Panicked, he pays a visit to his baker to order up a birthday cake. As usual, Tyler’s curiosity gains him entry into the kitchen and then on to his imaginary travels to where all the necessary ingredients come from. Tofu tags along but not without his usual antics and thought bubbles.

It’s not until the eleventh hour that the baker learns that the carrot cake he is baking is for Tofu, not a human. So that not to poison Tofu, he dashes out another ‘dog friendly’ cake and serves it up to Tofu’s dog pals (both recipes included).

Like the others, this book was a lot of fun to make. The best part was drawing the various dogs and their party attire. Present is our whippet Penelope, Tyler’s terrier Jake, and Bud and Jan’s beloved corgi Turpin.

Living Letters

Craig Frazier | 60 pages

Some projects take more time than others. This one took about 20 years! Living Letters is a reincarnation of a typeface (and book) I designed in 1989. The original book was called The Alphabet Critter Playbook, which caught the attention of Adobe who then asked me to create the font Critter (1992). Initially drawn by hand and inked on vellum, the font was translated digitally at that time using Adobe Illustrator and a program called Fontographer.

About 4 years ago I began to redraw the Critters bringing more detail and more life to them. I was particularly interested in depicting accurate features like eyes, ears, fur and color. The internet proved invaluable in sourcing animal reference—far more than I had in 1989. The challenge was adding considerably more detail to each animal while maintaining its recognition as a letterform.

I have partnered with Adobe and HP in announcing the release of Living Letters. Adobe has created a pop-up store in San Francisco and for two weeks the public can visit Russell Brown’s (Photoshop guru) Extreme Imaging corner of the store and get a custom t-shirt digitally printed on the spot with the letter of your choice. You may also pick up a digital copy of the book produced by MagCloud or go to their site and order a book with your choice of 26 covers. The books are ‘magazine’ style with soft cover and are the best digital printing I have seen to date.

It’s here!

Bee and Bird | Craig Frazier | Roaring Brook Press 2011

It’s finally here and you can put a real copy in your hands! My seventh book and my favorite to date! It feels like springtime and smells like fresh ink! The book has a surprise second cover when you rip off the jacket—see for yourself. A lovely springtime gift for any kid or adult! You can check out the Bee and Bird website here.

Stanley Mows the Lawn for the iPad!

By Craig Frazier

It’s springtime and no better time to be mowing your lawn—on your iPad! I am pleased to announce the release of Stanley Mows the Lawn available exclusively for the iPad on Apple’s App Store.

There’s nothing like the real book in hand—but there is also nothing like the brilliance of color on the iPad—not to mention of fun of swiping pages and playing games. Face it, e-books and apps are here to stay and I’m in favor of all forms of books. So let’s get with it and jump in the pool!

Stanley Mows the Lawn was my second book in the 3-book Stanley series originally published by Chronicle books in 2005. This is one of my favorite books as Stanley discovers his pal Hank the snake and, of course, discovers an entirely new way to mow his lawn and ensuring Hanks survival. This book was awarded the Silver medal from the Society of Illustrators.

The app features 16 luscious illustrations and several enhanced functionalities including the ability to record your own narration as well as ‘text removal’ which allows you to make up your own version of the story—which I really like! It also includes one of my animated shorts and a game that allows you to mow your own lawn in any direction you want—without having to rake up afterwards! And…a preview of my other two Stanley books, soon to be on the iPad.

Thanks go out to the talented Brooklyn-based developer Isaac Schmidt who built it and escaped without any grass stains.

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