Stanley Mows The Lawn

The second book in the series finds Stanley faced with an age-old weekend chore—mowing the lawn. Though I like mowing my lawn—mostly because it’s small—I secretly wish my kid’s had had a book that taught them the virtues of mowing the lawn every weekend before Dad even got up. Not sure if this book would do it, it did serve to bring broach topic at the age of imprinting.

I played with point-of-view as Stanley quickly encounters a snake lying deep in the tall grass. Doom awaits him if he and Stanley cross paths. Of course that won’t happen because I want to sell another kid’s book, but Stanley does appear to change his course. Stanley takes design lessons from the snake and renders a lawn mown in serpentine rows. This is a book as much about tidy aesthetics as much as peaceful co-existence. I particularly like the end sheets!

Initially inspired by an animation I produced.

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Craig Frazier uncovers the enchantment to be found in simple blades of grass in Stanley Mows the Lawn. The farmer, while pushing his mower, discovers a snake who prefers the grass long, and they reach a compromise, revealed in the graphically sophisticated yet deceptively spare compositions.

—Publishers Weekly

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