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Maintenant Que Tu Sais (Now That You Know)

Anne Crausaz | Editions MeMo 2009

Though this book is in French, the illustrations communicate quite universally. Translated, it’s a tale told by a stylish red mushroom in effort to improve its reputation as a venomous ‘toad stool.’ Thus the title, ‘Now That You Know.’ Author and illustrator Anne Crausaz begs you to come closer and learn the finer traits of this under-appreciated fungus. A safe harbor for snails, ants and centipedes, she argues that we should cut the ‘shroom named Anita some slack. The story is sweet but the real beauty in this book lies in the illustrations and the subtle use of muted and gradated color and whisper-thin lines. This is an example of digital illustrations at their finest. Ann drawing skills with her sense of natural form—both in flora and fauna—transcend the trappings of digital rendering. Her bug’s eye point-of-view lends great majesty to the world under the ‘shroom that we no little about. If there is to be a ‘save the mushroom’ movement—it starts here.

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