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Living Letters iPad App

iTunes 2012

If you recall, I designed an animal alphabet called Living Letters based on the Adobe font Critter that I designed 20 years ago. Well, with the brilliant help from the folks at Daily Interactive Networks, we have just released Living Letters for the iPad! I can’t explain it but there is something totally magical about touching the screen and watching a big fat letter turn into a full color critter. You’ll find favorites but I’m partial to the raccoon, the otter and the zebra. It has a sweet little voice that pronounces the animal name, if you choose to turn it on. Also included are a game and a typing keyboard so you can type and send your own words or names. If you upload it, submit your comment no only on the iTunes store but here on 36pages, I’d love to hear what you think!

Stanley Mows the Lawn for the iPad!

By Craig Frazier

It’s springtime and no better time to be mowing your lawn—on your iPad! I am pleased to announce the release of Stanley Mows the Lawn available exclusively for the iPad on Apple’s App Store.

There’s nothing like the real book in hand—but there is also nothing like the brilliance of color on the iPad—not to mention of fun of swiping pages and playing games. Face it, e-books and apps are here to stay and I’m in favor of all forms of books. So let’s get with it and jump in the pool!

Stanley Mows the Lawn was my second book in the 3-book Stanley series originally published by Chronicle books in 2005. This is one of my favorite books as Stanley discovers his pal Hank the snake and, of course, discovers an entirely new way to mow his lawn and ensuring Hanks survival. This book was awarded the Silver medal from the Society of Illustrators.

The app features 16 luscious illustrations and several enhanced functionalities including the ability to record your own narration as well as ‘text removal’ which allows you to make up your own version of the story—which I really like! It also includes one of my animated shorts and a game that allows you to mow your own lawn in any direction you want—without having to rake up afterwards! And…a preview of my other two Stanley books, soon to be on the iPad.

Thanks go out to the talented Brooklyn-based developer Isaac Schmidt who built it and escaped without any grass stains.

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