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Y Recuerda

Juanjo G. Oller | Milimba 2010

Y Recuerda (And Remember) is an elegant little book that engages the best of our perceptions. It is wordless with highly stylized illustrations by Juanjo Oller beautifully executed in just 3 colors and with the most sparing presentation of information. Completely absent of rendering or tonal gradation, these illustrations create an amazing sense of depth and spatial intrigue. Juanjo accomplishes this due to his command of positive/negative space and his extreme use of scale—he is clearly a designer in illustrator’s clothing. Though parents will recognize this story as the Grimm Brother’s Red Riding Hood, its presentation will conjure many a variation from the mouths of kids. Each page successfully begs the question “what do you see”—and that’s a good thing.

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