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Casey At The Bat

Written by Ernest L. Thayer, Illustrated by Joe Morse | Kids Can Press 2006

Casey at the Bat is a very contemporary interpretation of the classic Ernest L. Thayer poem originally published in 1888. Illustrator Joe Morse sets the poem on gritty urban streets with a multiracial cast of characters with the prose housed in comic-like speech bubbles. Joe brings the style of his visceral oil paintings, (frequently seen in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine) to play out the story of a proud and mighty slugger. He powerfully captures the tension of the fans, ump, and the players—and takes you on an exciting ride all the way to the ultimate ‘strike 3’. You can almost smell the hot dogs!

The Other Side

Written & Illustrated by Istvan Banyai | Chronicle Books 2005

Wordless and illustrated by the acclaimed illustrator Istvan Banyai (New Yorker, Rolling Stone), this book is a tour de force of observation and visual trickery—and holds something for every age. It takes us on a visual journey to ponder mischievous characters and eclectic moments in time from every possible perspective—front, top, upside down and sideways. It is full of Istvan’s visual puns and fun-to-find clues that connect one illustration to the others. The Other Side is like the New Yorker for kids, and their parents. And boy, can Istvan draw!

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